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Experience the Force of Natural Healing with Reiki

There are no physical manipulations, ingestion of drugs or application of any substance, but a simple gentle laying of the hand, from which ‘life force energy’ flows and penetrates the recipient’s body and soothes away his or her pains.  ‘Reiki’ is a Japanese word that actually translates as ‘life force energy’ or ‘God’s wisdom or Higher Power.’  It is a spiritual healing energy that is guided by a Higher Intelligence or Power. It is an amazing, non-physical stress-reduction technique that promotes balance in your body system and achieves a relaxing effect on you. It has proven to be a very useful and safe therapy to cure different ailments of the mind, spirit, body and emotion, replacing all the negative vibrations in your biofield with a general feeling of security, wellbeing, and inner peace.   Combined well with other medically safe therapeutic techniques, Reiki help your quick recovery and relieve you of a number of body illnesses, including headache, back ache, high blood pressure, fatigue, minor pregnancy blues, and period pains , and can significantly reduce the side effects of modern medicine. It also efficient in healing psychological maladies like stress, anxiety, anger, grief, depression, and nervousness. How Reiki is Performed Here are what to expect at Reiki treatment wide variety. The client remains clothed and lies or stays in a convenient position for the Reiki session. A trained, Reiki professional will place their hands on the patient in a light, non-manipulative way. The practitioner will use different hand positions around the head, shoulders, stomach and feet or, if necessary, above the head. It is mostly a passive session as the practitioner’s hands are still for most of the treatment and moves only to change hand placements. The practitioner is neutral and simply rests his or hand lightly on the recipient, not attempting to control the energy flow, fix the recipient or change the biofield. This process will go on, depending on the amount of Reiki the client needs in a particular position The patient will feel sense a deep connection inside with their inner spirituality or source of meaning. (Although Reiki is not a religious belief, but more of a meditation). Reiki energy will rise in the practitioner’s hands spontaneously in reaction to the patient’s exact therapy needs at that time. The patient will achieve a sense of healing associated with peace of mind, tranquilly and a higher quality of life.

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